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Woodstock, Cherokee County, is located 30 minutes from downtown Atlanta and is home to what some would call a small city with big city offerings. Give us your 5 best things to do in Woodstock Georgia before you head to your favorite place. You may know that I am new to Cherokee County, also known as the historic highlands of Northern Georgia.

Compared to the average in the United States, Woodstock is one of the best places in the country. The median price for a home in Woodstock is $192,700, $5,000 above the national average for the same area. This is the second highest median price for a home in Georgia, behind only $3,200 in Atlanta, compared with a median price of $2,500 for a home in Atlanta and $1,800 in New York City.

Downtown Woodstock is fairly manageable, as the entire downtown area is only a few blocks from the city's main business district. Conveniently located amenities and interesting attractions are a great way to enjoy Woodstock regularly. Be sure to explore the best things to do in Downtown Woodstock, and here is a list of them, along with a guide that lists all the good restaurants in Downtown Woodstock.

A great neighborhood in Woodstock is Woodlands, which is located just a few blocks east of the city's main business district. West of Woodstock is Lake Woodland, a small lake that offers plenty of outdoor recreation, as well as a number of parks and hiking trails.

If kayaking or paddling is your idea of a pleasant getaway, you can plan an adventure here. You can also go fishing in the Small River, kayaking, paddle boarding or just picnic on the picnic areas and enjoy being outdoors.

If you are looking for a campsite, there are several Corps of Engineers campsites around Lake Allatoona, as well as Olde Rope Mill Park, which is about 7 minutes drive from downtown if you want to camp. It is home to a wide range of grocery stores and shopping malls with many of the branded stores you know and love.

If you've never eaten at one of these restaurants, there are two in Woodstock, and the other great option for breakfast is Waffle House. The great dining options make it a great place to visit the outlets that can only be found in Woodstock.

If you're looking for live music and entertainment, MadLife Stage Studios is in Woodstock at least three days a week with shows, concerts and events. On their website they have updated some pretty cool events, like a concert on Saturday, a dance party on Sunday and a music festival on Monday and Tuesday.

The town of Woodstock offers a variety of musical entertainment every Friday night and Saturday from 7 to 10 p.m. at the Town Hall. Some of the acts playing free shows in Woodland are Dixie Chicks, The Grateful Dead, John Prine and many more.

You can find out more about Downtown Woodstock on their website and find it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as on their Facebook page and Twitter account.

To learn more about the many services and amenities that residents enjoy when they call Benton House their Woodstock home, use the links above to make an enquiry. To learn more about the many amenities and services available to residents of Bentons House in Woodstocks, Georgia, you can use these links below (and the link above if you made the request) to learn a little about them and their services. You can also use this link below, but use it as a starting point for your inquiry, as well as information about other amenities in the area such as parking, food and drinks and much more. Use these links (but not as a first-stop for your enquiries) and use them as a starting point to learn many things about their amenities, such as parking and food services.

To learn more about Benton House in Woodstock, families can book a free tour of the community using the links above.

If you do drive into downtown Woodstock, be prepared to be a little patient with parking. If you want to get to Downtown Woodstock comfortably, you can ride the Wood Stockings Trolley.

You can relax at the waterfalls, then back to Olde Rope Mill Park and on to the waterfalls. You can paddle to the bottom of the waterfall and then climb back up the hill to relax a bit.

If you're looking for food during your stay but can't make it to Downtown Woodstock, try Taqueria Tsunami. On the days I was on the road, there was a food truck at the Yumsa International Market, which specializes in South African comfort food.

There is a local microbrewery, which has a large outdoor area where you can go and have a beer. You have a larger outdoor area in the city where you can have a beer, hang out with a few people, enjoy the beer and socialize a bit, all the joys you can enjoy in downtown Woodstock, all because they have a facility there.

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