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In 1969, hundreds of thousands of fans came to Woodstock, New York, to attend one of the most famous music festivals in music history. Nearly half a million people visited Woodland and blocked roads in Bethel with eight miles of traffic.

The city's free summer concerts drew thousands of people, many of whom reclined in deckchairs. Bring a deckchair, sit back and enjoy the music of the likes of Elvis Presley, Elvis Costello and the Rolling Stones.

In the large, beautiful courtyard of the Reformation Brewery, you can listen to live music, have a drink, enjoy delicious food and local beer while listening to the music of the region. Visit the shops and listen to the local bands and music live in the historic city centre or visit the shops.

If musical theater is your thing, don't miss the annual Woodstock Music & Arts Festival in the historic downtown area from July 10. From drumming in punk outfits to trumpeting in a ska band, let the music and art be your last stop here in Woodland before you take to the stage.

If you're looking for a place to play in your own backyard all day long, check out some of the things you can do in Woodstock, see, eat, and even get fed up with scarecrows. Other locations where live acts can be seen downtown are the historic downtown area, the Woodland Arts Center, or even the Historic City Hall. The first stop is the Woodstock Farm Fresh Market, which will take place on Saturday, July 10, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Meanwhile, those who want to see live music on - the - Go or just curious to discover it, can see some of the acts at free shows in Woodstock. Recent acts performing as part of this year's summer concert series include Fleetwood Mac's live show at the Historic Town Hall on Saturday, July 10. Rumours have taken over Woodland in recent years, with live shows by the band and live performances by other artists.

Although it is unlikely that Steve Martin will perform in Downtown Woodstock, the eternal bluegrass billboard chart topper has been a hit in Woodland for years.

The Georgia Music Hall of Fame should definitely stay in Woodstock, the city that spawned the music industry in the state's first century and remains the most centrally located. Augusta, Albany and Athens are the only other cities in Georgia that should have their own music museum. If there are tourists, this museum will compete with the Georgia Theater when it is rebuilt. We already have many local music venues, but let's try to make Woodland a destination for music, not just a tourist destination. Let us not allow many things from Georgia to go to other cities, especially a city with such a rich musical and cultural history.

When the organizer couldn't find a suitable venue in town, he decided to hold the festival at Max Yasgur's, owned by his father, the founder of the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. When the city sent a representative to a meeting to discuss where the GMHOF might move to Macon, Woodstock was bee-busy, but that is unlikely to happen.

In addition to a great music scene, Woodstock offers a range of great accommodations, from a chef's restaurant to charming independent retailers. The city of Woodland, which includes the city of Macon, Lake Maconsville and parts of DeKalb, Cobb, Gwinnett, Fulton, Chattahoochee, Bibb and Chattooga counties, includes some of Georgia's most beautiful lakes, rivers, lakes and river parks. West of Woodstock are the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Georgia State Park and Lake Georgia, which offer plenty of outdoor recreation.

Visit Woodstock, where there are more than two dozen restaurants, restaurants and eateries to choose from to enjoy a variety of food and beverages and a wide variety of entertainment options. Visit Dean's Store Sessions on YouTube and get a glimpse of the artists who call Woodland at home without ever leaving.

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More About Woodstock