Woodstock Georgia Hotels

Dawgwood Hotels, LLC of Woodstock, GA, owns and operates the Microtel Inn & Suites Hotel in the historic city of Woodsboro, Georgia. The hotel is one of only a handful of such hotels in Georgia and the only one in North America with a full service restaurant.

The hotel has stylish Microtel linens, known as Dream Well (tm), with khaki-coloured linen linen and a fully equipped kitchen. Each room has a private living room, dining room and kitchen with plenty of space to eat, sleep, work and relax. The hotel is divided into suites, each suite with Jacuzzi (r) tm and suite, with its characteristic MicroKitchen (tm), and each room with private bathroom.

Georgia has a contemporary, rational and practical environment with unexpected improvements that guests would not normally expect in an economy hotel. Microtel is an award-winning Atlanta-based hotel chain known as the preferred hotel chain for disabled travelers. The 25th Micro-Teles opened in October 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia, at the Woodstock Atlanta Hotel, the first of its kind in the country. It is the result of a collaboration between the Atlanta hotel industry and the Georgia Department of Housing and Urban Development (GUDD) and is one of the world's first and most innovative hotel brands with a prize - a winning prototype design. Stay at this location for nine nights and receive one night at the hotel for one night or one free stay at any of our nine locations.

The hotel's vibrant colour palette, known as "cappuccino," integrates rich, deep colours to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere that matches the theme.

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More About Woodstock