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Woodstock, founded in 1897 after a railway station was built, has lost its core to much of its population as shopping malls and malls have spread across the Strip. The success of Woodstock Downtown has inspired developers to build sizeable mixed-use projects along the railway tracks that run through the center. Hundreds of thousands of fans flock to Woodstock, New York, to take part in the annual New York World's Fair, one of the world's biggest sporting events.

If you're looking for an easy way to get to Downtown Woodstock, you can take a ride on the Woodstock Trolley, but there's even a free Woodstock Trolley that makes multiple stops every weekend and connects you to the outlet shopping in Atlanta. If you want to connect with nature, you can visit the Greenprints Trail System in downtown Wood Stockings. The proposed route would connect with existing paths and the area is very stroller friendly.

If kayaking or paddling is your idea of a pleasant getaway, you can plan an adventure at the Little River Fishing Area in Woodstock. You can also do something as simple as fishing in the small river or just picnic on picnic areas and enjoy being outdoors.

The other dessert store in Downtown Woodstock is the pie bar of cake marker Lauren Bolden, which is usually found in the store with her functioning cakes. From Saturday morning to Tuesday evening there are also a number of special events that you can attend in October.

The series takes place outdoors at a table of six and introduces new music, ideas and cultures that are not typical of Woodstock. Musical Memoir is a group that wants to take people who have attended and left a concert on a motivational journey that will give them a powerful insight into their own lives.

The sculpture garden, which also houses the Woodstock Museum of Art and Georgia State University Art Gallery, offers outdoor performances and events. There are also live theatre performances, plays and musicals that show the history of the city and its people, as well as a variety of art installations.

The city of Woodstock offers a variety of musical entertainment during its annual summer music festival on the first Saturday of the month. Concerts are held at various locations throughout the city, including the Georgia State University auditorium, City Hall, and the State Capitol Building.

Bands will perform at two locations on Main Street, and stores and restaurants will be open for the latest sales and specials. If you're looking for live music and entertainment, MadLife Stage Studios is a great place to be if you're hosting a show or concert at least three days a week. They have updated some pretty cool events on their website, and the events always have fun themes. Other locations hosting live acts from downtown include the Woodstock Music Festival on the first Saturday of the month and a variety of events at the Georgia State University auditorium.

This celebration, filled with fun and excitement for the whole family, features live music, a petting zoo, food trucks and more. In autumn, Cadence Fair is a fun day with carnival games, stilt walking, games and activities for children and live entertainment.

This event is open to the entire community, so bring your deckchairs and sit back and enjoy the music, food trucks, carnival games, live entertainment and more. Bring your friends and family for a fun day of eating, entertainment and all the cakes you can imagine in one place. On Saturday, October 14, the annual Woodstock Food and Wine Festival will take place from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If musical theatre is your thing, don't miss the annual Woodstock Musical Theater Festival, which takes place July 10 at Wood Stock Theater from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Find Downtown Woodstock on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and find out more on their website. Traveling Foodie Tips offers a free tour and you can find out about artists who call Woodland at home without ever leaving by visiting Dean Store Sessions on YouTube. Browse through Jumptastic's vast inflatable rental inventory to make your Woodstock party events even more exciting. For a full list of their apartments, visit their rental page or Facebook page.

The combination of rubber dinghies is perfect for children who are looking for more adventure in their entertainment. The moonwalk rental is perfect and the slides are ideal for events where more activities are desired, there is a larger number of guests and a wide variety of age groups is expected.

Explore the best activities in Downtown Woodstock with our list of events for all ages and activities for the whole family.

Olde Rope Mill Park is about 7 minutes drive from downtown if you're looking for a great place to hike, cycle, canoe or paddle in the fall. There is a Noonday Creek Trail that allows you to drive or hike without a car to get towed. You can relax at the waterfalls and then paddle back to the Olde Seilmühle Park.

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